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8',9',9.5',10',11',12' or Custom Width Boat Cradle for Inboard/Out board or Inboard/Ski Boats weighing up to 12,000lbs

Galvanized Boat Cradles will adjust to fit any boat! These cradles are the designed used by more boat lift installers and dock builders than any other designed boat lift cradle on the market. The two I-Beams give support to the boat while still being able to flex and move while hanging from cables, allows for equal cable distribution and eliminates the liability of cable slack that plat-form cradles can cause. Easy and quick to install, getting a cradle for your boat could not be easier. Kit includes the two I-Beams, angle and hardware for your bunks. The Galvanized Cradle Kits do not include the wood for your bunks. (Shown with optional guide posts and guide post bumpers)